Moudhy Al-Rashid

Moudhy Al-Rashid

Assyriologist, historian, writer


Moudhy Al-Rashid (she/her) is a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford’s Wolfson College, where she specialises in the languages and history of ancient Mesopotamia. She has written for academic and popular journals on topics as diverse as mental illness in ancient Mesopotamia to Late Assyrian scholarly networks. In addition to her writing, she has also appeared on several podcasts, including the BBC Podcasts “Making History” and “You’re Dead to Me”. Through her Twitter account, she hopes to give ancient Mesopotamia as wide an audience as possible and to humanise its long history. 
As part of her outreach work, she also serves as a Trustee and Council Member for the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, and serves on the management committee of the Nahrein Network, an independently-funded project in cultural heritage and sustainability in the Middle East. 


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