Abas Eljanabi 

Abas Eljanabi 

Arts Mentor


Abas Eljanabi is a storyteller, actor and writer originally from Iraq.
I was born in Baghdad in Iraq and fled from my country straight after I completed my studies. I gained a BA in acting. I left my country in 1993, carrying on my back a sack filled with hopes and dreams and expectations. During this journey, which took several years, I’ve been a refugee several times and passed through several countries until I managed to settle in Manchester – UK. I saw a lot, I heard a lot, I definitely learnt a lot.
In Manchester I tried to follow my dreams and after I strengthened my skills and knowledge in English, I managed to study again and gained a BA in Performance Design and Management and MA Theatre Studies. I worked hard to do something and not to give up because of what I was facing. I believe I did very well up to now, but it is not what I am dreaming of, as I think there is a lot more to learn and to achieve.
I have done several projects, three of them were with Manchester Museum: Flying Carpets, Ancient Objects, and Hunger.

arts mentor for:

Dana Almousselli, “The Journey”
Senna Yousef, “The Tale of Migrants”