A Visit to Liverpool Museums

On Saturday 5th March 2022, the Ancient History, Contemporary Belonging project team visited Liverpool’s museums (World Museum, Slavery Museum, Tate Liverpool). We explored the exhibits and reflected on practices of representing objects. In this film we share what we found. Video link here.

The Start of a Journey

by Deniz Daryaei Sarabi  In the past few months, the young people of this program (of which I am a part) alongside the professionals helping us have started to build the beginnings of this wonderful opportunity- although we’ve only had our first few meetings, I have had a bubbling mix of excitement and passion toContinue reading “The Start of a Journey”

No Provenance/Undocumented: Questions of Evidence and Value in the Lives of Migrant People and Objects

Caitlin Nunn Recently, the Ancient History, Contemporary Belonging project team had our first visit to Manchester Museum. Our museum partner, Campbell Price, Curator of Egypt and Sudan, took us behind the scenes to view some of the objects the refugee-background youth citizen scientists may work with in the project. It was my first encounter with the immenseContinue reading “No Provenance/Undocumented: Questions of Evidence and Value in the Lives of Migrant People and Objects”

Refugee-background young people and museums: Examining the literature

Sarah Linn, Olivia Hall & Caitlin Nunn As part of broader practices of community engagement and a growing commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, museums in the Global North are increasingly undertaking participatory projects and exhibitions with refugee-background young people. A small body of literature is beginning to explore some of the processes and outcomesContinue reading “Refugee-background young people and museums: Examining the literature”

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