Amang Mardokhy

Amang Mardokhy 

Arts Mentor


I am an independent artist working in the fields of film, design, culture, and community work. I have had several private and joint exhibitions in many different countries and in the UK. I studied in Iraq and started my artistic career in Kurdistan.
In 2002, I started a new life in Manchester as a political refugee. I studied at Stockport College in 2005-2006. I received a Diploma in Art and Design and then a bachelor’s degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2012.
Because of the Kurdish political situation in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria, I grew up in war and politics. The beauty and richness of Kurdish culture has never been in the dust of wars but has been a source of resistance and response to the failures that have hindered our lives and freedom. Life in the UK has opened a wide space for me to look deeper into my art- world. I have learned a lot from difficult situations; my understanding of the world of humanity, the environment, coexistence and living in the present and creating a peaceful future for all of us through understanding and respecting our differences that we all have the right to life, freedom, and human rights. It is important for me to be able to help students, teachers, and the education system in this country through art, understanding, experience, and different cultures. 

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”


Zeen Hayran, “Kurdish Pain”
Ahmed, “Fragments of Palestine”
Ferdos Beit Lafteh, “Untitled”