Jennifer Cromwell

Jennifer Cromwell

ancient historian and Papyrus Stories blogger


Jennifer Cromwell (Jenny; she/her) is senior lecturer in ancient history at MMU and a member of the Manchester Centre for Youth Studies. Her research interests lie in the social and economic history of Egypt, especially village life in the early Islamic period (7th and 8th centuries CE), including the publication of Coptic documents from this time. Before joining MMU, she held research positions at the University of Oxford, Macquarie University (Sydney), and the University of Copenhagen, as well as at the British Museum and John Rylands Library (Manchester).
In 2018, Jennifer founded the blog “Papyrus Stories”, which aims to talk about ancient texts in a way that is accessible to a broad audience. The blog is now home to posts on diverse subject matters from across the ancient world, with contributions from scholars covering different times and places. The blog is part of her broader commitment to public outreach and knowledge exchange, which also includes working with local primary schools, and exploring the use of games (analogue and digital) to engage with ancient history, as a member of the Manchester Games Studies Network.


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