Jina Lee

Jina Lee

artist and researcher


Jina Lee (she/her) is an artist and researcher currently studying for a PhD at University of Arts London and TrAIN research centre. She is also one of the directors of Livingmaps NetworkHer artwork and research is concerned with the collapse of territorial boundaries between social, political, and geographical space. These are elements which, she believes, are increasingly in a state of fluidity and a perpetually simultaneous movement of emigration. To capture these observations and findings, she uses various modes of drawing, seeking to open the possibility for unsuspected interactions of experience and knowledge in relation to geopolitical and cultural boundary issues. Recently, she has been working with immigrants/foreign labourers in London to find hidden stories in relation to geopoliticial and cultural boundary matters.
Her latest writing can be found in ‘TalkingMaps and Diasporic Community’, New Directions in Radical Cartography (2022).



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