Ferdos Beit Lafteh

Object: Arrow heads. Material: Copper alloy / Bronze. Found in Mit Rahina, Egypt. Manchester Museum 5190.a-i. This group of arrow heads were found in the present day village Mit Rahina, located on the site of the ancient capital of Egypt (known by several names over its history, including White Walls and Memphis). They were found together with Persian sealings, suggesting that they date to the Persian invasion and conquest of Egypt (ca. 525 BC). Photography by Julia Thorne / Tetisheri.

Coming from an often-overlooked ethnic group in south Iran, working alongside highly talented and knowledgeable people has helped me create my piece of work, in which I want to convey and reinstall the beauty of these manmade weapons. Ingrained with culture and forced to migrate. Visiting different museums and interacting with the different objects further connected me with my heritage and inspired me to want to reconstruct the perception of migrants by giving them a voice and painting them in a positive light. By not only honouring their existence as human beings, but also their journeys too.
Ferdos Beit Lafteh

“Untitled” by Ferdos Beit Lafteh. Ceramics, wire, 3D prints, paint.
Photography by Julia Thorne / Tetisheri