“The lasting fate of Zahaak”

Goldis Gorji

Photography by Julia Thorne / Tetisheri

“Artist Statement”
Goldis Gorji

Alas, a villain was paralyzed into a numb abyss, 
I have lived out my destiny now in two alternate universes,
One more melancholic than the other 
The natural consequence of being uprooted
Removed of substance and muchness
I crave the fear, the reputation. 
He, who I refuse to name, to prevent him any more notoriety and fame, 
Dragged me overseas, for the white people to please
Yet they don’t value the myth, the legend, the vigour 
To their uncultured eyes, I am but a bronzed jewel
And so the snakes that were once upon my shoulders have since shed their skin
and transformed into worms
I would rather live subdued by the anxiety of Fereydoun than in archives
I would rather die 1000 deaths than to be subjected to this nothingness
Oh by the kisses that were planted upon my shoulders 
And oh by the snakes that grew 
Oh by the decisions that were made 
And oh by the terrain that led me to you
Oh by the fate of Zahaak at the hands of Fereydoun or Mr Smith,
Even the mountains of Damavand cannot satisfy me from this blue 

“The lasting fate of Zahaak” by Goldis Gorji