Anastasia Morozova

Anastasia Morozova

curator, artist, poet


Curator, artist, poet. Third year of BA Fine Art and Curating at Manchester Metropolitan University. My artistic practice revolves around and is significantly influenced by my curatorial work and research. Critical of institutionalised and commodified art, I centre my interest around ‘outsider art’ – folk, kitsch and vernacular aesthetics.
Last year my work was largely focused on institutionalised environments and their impact on language and narrative. I enjoyed dissecting the linguistic framework of museums and galleries, looking at how they establish a hierarchy of meanings. Today my practice continues to centre around spatial and visual poetry, blending together word and image, however, I choose to explore more familiar, everyday contexts. Domesticated lines of poems, that live in someone’s sink, city folklore, texts with no author, that simply exist on the periphery of our collective mind. In my last project I looked at the state of everyday ‘inbetweenness’, at narratives that exist outside of formal settings, almost as if floating around, getting tangled in tree branches and telephone lines.


Artwork for Ancient History, Contemporary Belonging

Collaborative Artist for Holden Gallery”s “Interruptions: The Intersectional Hydra” with Harold Offeh and Michelle Williams Gamaker

Language Assistant Intern for the Museum of Half Truths

Artwork produced by Anastasia Morozova; read more about the objects included in the image here